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Welcome to the world of algorithmic trading with C or C++. Writing algo trading strategies in a professional programming language gives you ultimate flexibility and access to almost all libraries of statistics, analysis, or machine learning functions. On the other hand, it obviously requires the ability to read and write code in C or C++. Below you'll find resources and training material for learning how to code your algo trading systems and how to work with Zorro.


Zorro Community
User Forum - Ask questions, get answers, exchange ideas or trading strategies with other Zorro users.


General Information
Introduction to Algo Trading - Algorithmic trading: Why, how, and when does it work?
Best Algo Trading Tools - Software that you need (or not) for automated trading.
Basics of Backtesting - How to determine a strategy's expected performance.
Training a Trading Strategy - Correct parameter optimization and machine learning.
Code Examples - C/C++ script snippets for algo trading, data analysis, or other purposes.
Frequently Asked Questions - About algorithm development, Zorro, and automated trading.


Zorro Documentation
Get Started - The first steps with Zorro.
Video Training - Take the Zorro mini-course.
Online Tutorial - Brief intro to the C language with strategy examples.
Online Manual - Detailed description of current and upcoming Zorro features.
List of Functions - Zorro algo trading functions by category.
List of Bugs - All bugs found in any Zorro version.
Migration - Converting strategies and indicators from other platforms to C.


Support & Education
Support Ticket - Technical support by email within 24-48 hours (35 EUR/month).
Premium Support - Priority support with coding help, by email or Skype within 2-4 hours (450 EUR/month).
Support FAQ - Answers on frequently asked support questions.
Algo Bootcamp - Online course. 20% discount with Zorro S annual or permanent licenses.
C Introduction - Teach Yourself the Complete Language C in 24 hours.
ChatGPT lite-C Mentor - Let AI write your Zorro scripts. Use them at your own risk.


Black Book of Financial Hacking - Algorithmic trading with C, for Forex, options, stocks (content).
Das schwarze Börsenhackerbuch - Handelsstrategien in C entwickeln, für Forex, Optionen, Aktien.
The Financial Hacker - Blog about algorithmic trading research and experiments.
Robot Wealth Blog - Another great source for algo trading with Zorro.
Useful Books & Links - Read all those books for becoming a quant.


Programming Service - No matter how complex, we code any trading strategy. Contact info(at)opgroup.de..
Fix My Script - Your are not sure that your script does what it should? Send it and we'll make it run.
Installation Service - We install a ready-to-trade system by remote access. Contact us for details.
Engine Licenses - Use the Zorro engine for your platform development. Contact us for outsourcing. 


Video Training

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