algo (string name): int

Sets the algorithm identifier for identifying trades. Using algorithm identifiers is recommended in portfolio strategies that contain different trade algorithms; they are used to create separate strategy parameters, rules, and capital allocation factors per algorithm.


name The algorithm identifier (max. 15 characters, no spaces). If name ends with ":L", the algo is for long trades only; if it ends with ":S" the algo is for short trades only.


0 when the name string is NULL or empty, otherwise nonzero.


algo("TREND:L"); sets up the identifier "TREND:L" for the current algorithm for long trades. Short trades are suppressed.



algo("TREND:L"); // algorithm identifier for a trend trading algorithm with long trades
  enterShort(ifelse(strstr(Algo,":L"),0,Lots)); // suppress short trades when Algo ends with ":L"

See also:

enterLong, enterShort, loop, string, asset, Algo, AlgoVar, TradeAlgo

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