Determines the verbosity of trade, error, and diagnostics messages (see Log). The more verbose, the slower the execution of large backtests.


0 Few messages. Less important warnings are suppressed. Bars are only printed to the log in [Trade] mode or when trades are open.
1 More messages (default). All bars and all major events, such as entering or closing a trade, are printed to the log and in [Trade] mode also displayed in the window..
2 Even more messages, including the trade parameters at any trade entry and exit. In [Trade] mode the daily profit, drawdown, and CBI is printed once per day. In [Test] mode with TICKS flag the tick preceding a trade is displayed. The prices of the selected asset are printed at any bar in the form Open/High\Low/Close.
3 Even more messages, including skipped trades, possible price outliers, and function parameter errors. Prices are displayed with more digits. In [Trade] mode all open trades are listed once per day.
7 Extensive diagnostics messages, including all memory allocations that exceed 2 MB, all BrokerTrade calls, and API execution times.
+DIAG (+8) Additional flag to activate a 'black box recorder' for diagnostics. A ...diag.txt file is created in the Log folder. It contains a list with the 1000 last events and can be used to determine the reason of a crash or other problem that leads to the termination of the script. For details see troubleshooting. Black box recording strongly affects the program speed, so do not use this flag unnecessarily.
+ALERT (+16) Additional flag to display critical messages, such as suspicious asset parameters, possibly orphaned trades, broker API errors, or print(TO_ALERT,..) calls, in a separate alert box. DIAG recording is stopped at the first critical event, so the details leading to the situation can be evaluated from the black box log (Log\...diag.txt). Recording continues when the alert box is closed.
+SILENT (+32) Suppress all printf messages. Messages by print(TO_WINDOW,...) are still printed.
+LOGMSG (+512) Additional flag to print the log also to the message window.





function run()
  Verbose = 7+DIAG; // extensive messages plus black box recorder 

See also:

LOGFILE, LogNumber, -diag, log, troubleshooting


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