Free Zorro license (private traders, $30K profit limit)

Naturally, any Zorro user want to earn as much money as possible with as little effort as possible. We want the same for you, but only to a certain limit. After all, Zorro is for distributing money from the rich to the poor, not the other way around. We're also interested in promoting programming and strategy development, so we prefer that you develop your own trading systems, instead of using ours. And we do not want the market to be flooded with Zorro-based robots. For all those reasons, the free Zorro license has some restrictions in place:

You don't need to observe your account permanently for staying below the capital limit. The free Zorro version knows your account balance and opens no new positions when the limit is reached on a real money account. There is no limit on demo accounts.

The other trading restrictions are not monitored. We trust your honesty not to violate them. Otherwise you're legally required to pay a US$ 1000 penalty fee plus all profit gained by violation to oP group Germany GmbH. We'll gratefully take your money and put it into Zorro development.

Zorro S license (no limits, multiple instances, additional features)

Zorro S ("Sponsor") is a special license without the above restrictions, and with some additional features:

Zorro Zorro S
Account / profit limit
15,000 / 30,000
Signal providing 
Supported languages
C, R, Python
+ Visual C++
Minimum bar period
1 minute
1 ms (HFT)
Data resolution
Multiple accounts
Broker arbitrage *
Market depth *
Training algorithms Ascent, Pattern,
Perceptron, Tree
+ Genetic,
Brute, Extern
Live retraining
User-defined GUI
Virtual hedging
Batch processing
Parallel processing
Integration toolkit
Direct API
connection **
Ally Invest, Alpaca,
 Dukascopy, FXCM,
IEX, IG, Oanda,
TD Ameritrade
+ Binance,
  Bitfinex, Bittrex,
Coinbase, Coinigy,
Deribit, Kraken,
IB, Tradier
connection **
Sierra Chart
+ MT4, MT5
Data feeds
 Stooq, Yahoo,
Google, IEX,
+ Quandl,
API plugin source - on request
Instant strategies
Z1, Z2, Z3, Z8
+ Z7, Z9, Z10,
Z12, Z13

* If supported by the broker
** Some API and platform plugins are developed by Zorro users and not subject to Zorro support.

How to get Zorro S

The quickest way, of course, is ordering a permanent Zorro S license, or a monthly or annual subscription on the Zorro download page. Your payment will be used to fund Zorro development and add new Zorro features. But there are many alternative ways to get a free Zorro S license:

A Zorro S subscription is automatically verified at start. The verification process requires Internet connection. It does not send any personal data. A live trading session is not affected by verification or by an expired license. A permanent Zorro S license does not use online verification and can run on a PC that is not connected to the Internet. A discount for the next Algo Bootcamp is included in the annual or permanent license.

Zorro engine licenses

We license the Zorro engine for deploying trading systems or financial tools, or for developing customized trading tools. For details about platform licensing, engine licensing, source code licensing, or outsourcing parts of your platform development please contact

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