Free Zorro license ($30K profit limit)

Naturally, any Zorro user want to earn as much money as possible with as little effort as possible. We want the same for you, but only to a certain limit. If you make too much profit, we'll get into a conflict of interest. After all, Zorro is intended for distributing money from the rich to the poor, not the other way around. We're also interested in promoting programming and strategy development, so we prefer that you develop your own trading systems, instead of using ours. And we do not want the market to be flooded with Zorro-based robots. For all those reasons, the free Zorro license has some restrictions in place:

You don't need to observe your account permanently for staying below the $7000 capital limit. The free Zorro version knows your account balance and opens no new positions when the limit is reached on a real money account. There is no limit on demo accounts since they contain no real money.

We trust your honesty to not violate the above trading restrictions. Otherwise you're legally required to pay a US$ 1000 fee plus all profit gained by violation to oP group Germany GmbH. We'll gratefully take your money and use it to add new features to Zorro.

Sponsor license (no profit limit)

Become a Zorro sponsor! Zorro S ("Sponsor version") is a special version without the above restrictions, and with some additional features. The main differences between Zorro and Zorro S:

Zorro S
Subscription / month
EUR 25
Account / profit limit, USD
7K / 30K
Signal provider / PAMM
Multiple sessions
Multiple accounts
Broker arbitrage
Market volume
Automated retraining
Individual user interface
Multiple CPU cores
Minimum bar period
1 minute
1 ms (HFT)
Supported brokers*
Ally Invest
+ IB,
generic MT4,
generic MT5
Historical data feeds
Google, Stooq,
+ Quandl,
Instant strategies
Z1, Z2, Z8
+ Z3, Z7,
Z9, Z12

* Some broker plugins are developed and maintained by Zorro users and not subject to Zorro support

You have the choice of 3 ways to become a sponsor and upgrade your free Zorro version to Zorro S:

Zorro S source code

The Zorro S C++ source code for Visual Studio is available for commerical or educational licensing. For details please contact

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